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Matrimonial Lawyer in Bannockburn, IL Handling Complex Divorce Cases in Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, and Throughout Northeastern Illinois

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Family law cases can quickly become complicated, but the right help can make resolving these cases simpler and less stressful. For a Bannockburn family law attorney prepared to assist you with divorce, custody, and domestic issues of all kinds, turn to the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with divorce litigation or more cooperative forms of dispute resolution, trying to figure out child custody or child support, we’re your trusted resource for all aspects of the legal process. Contact us today to get started with an initial consultation.

Decades of Experience Practicing Family Law in Bannockburn, IL

For more than 25 years, our team has served the North Shore region of Illinois, providing skilled representation and thoughtful legal advice. Families across Lake County, DuPage County, Cook County, Will County, Kane County, and McHenry County have turned to us to help them resolve disputes and move forward with their lives.

We understand how difficult going through divorce and custody disputes can be. Our goal is to achieve a favorable resolution for you, so that the dissolution of your marriage is also a new beginning.

At the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm, you can feel confident that your matrimonial lawyer in Bannockburn, IL, is experienced in all aspects of family law proceedings. Whatever the legal process ahead holds for you, we’re prepared to guide you through it and work toward getting you favorable results.

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Legal Questions? We Can Help.

How the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm Can Help

The process of resolving family and domestic legal disputes through the court system is complicated. There are numerous paths you could pursue to resolve these matters, as well as numerous steps and stages that make up the legal process. Our role is to manage this process for you and guide you in the direction that best suits your unique circumstances, goals, and family dynamics.

We start each case with an initial consultation that allows us to learn more about your situation and begin to formulate a strategy for moving forward. During this evaluation, a Bannockburn family law attorney can gather information integral to your case, answer questions, and provide estimates of fees and timelines specific to your circumstances.

From there, we will turn our attention to handling all of the different aspects of your case. We can explore and advise you on alternative dispute resolution methods if you would like to go that route, or we can commence litigation if that’s what best fits your needs. Our experience with all facets of family law allows us to provide top-notch service at every stage and step of the process, so no matter what it takes to achieve a resolution to your family law case, you’re on the right track.

Types of Family Law Matters We Can Help You With

The team at the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm provides a full range of family law legal services to meet our clients’ needs in matters of matrimonial dissolution, child custody, and more. Our practice areas include:

  • Divorce litigation: An experienced Bannockburn family law attorney can fight for you in court. Our trial attorneys are ready to vigorously prepare your case for litigation and represent you in trial proceedings, seeking judgment awards in your favor.
  • Civil unions: Per Illinois state law, same-sex couples in civil unions have the same rights in dissolution proceedings as couples in heterosexual marriages. Whether the dissolution is contentious or amicable, our team is here to untangle the intricate legal process and help you reach a resolution.
  • Property division: One of the most challenging aspects of resolving the dissolution of a marriage or civil union is often the division of property, particularly under the complex laws that apply to calculating property division in Illinois. We’re prepared to guide you through this multi-step process, pursuing a settlement or award that’s beneficial to you.
  • Discovery and financial analysis: Before your divorce trial can begin, you need to compile the facts about assets and finances. With a matrimonial lawyer in Bannockburn, IL, overseeing the discovery and financial analysis phase of litigation, you can feel confident that the resolution of your case will consider the full picture of the financial circumstances and assets.
  • Business valuation: Business ownership can complicate the division of assets in divorce proceedings, but the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm has the resources and professional network to thoroughly analyze the value of business assets to inform your case for equitable distribution of assets.
  • Retirement plans and benefits: Retirement plans may constitute some of the most significant assets a couple owns. Make sure you’re getting your share of retirement accounts and benefits by choosing a matrimonial lawyer in Bannockburn, IL, with an in-depth understanding of the nuances of retirement assets in divorce strategy.
  • Maintenance and alimony: Where applicable, we will fight for a resolution that includes an appropriate level of spousal support. We’re prepared to ensure that our clients who are payees get the full amount of alimony they’re entitled to and that clients who are payors are not getting taken advantage of.
  • Child support: Similarly, whether you’re the spouse paying child support or the spouse receiving such payments for a minor child who primarily resides with you, our goal is to pursue a resolution that is fair to you.
  • Child custody and visitation: We know how important custody and visitation are to you, and we’ll push for the outcome that’s most beneficial to you.
  • Mediation: Although we’re prepared to litigate divorce proceedings when necessary, our team offers legal assistance with all forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, to help you reach more amicable solutions when possible.
  • Settlement negotiations: Most divorce proceedings are resolved through negotiated settlements rather than trials, allowing for a simpler, more streamlined, and often less stressful resolution. With our winning combination of meticulous approaches to case preparation and excellent negotiation skills, our attorneys are well-suited to represent you in negotiations.
  • Collaborative law: Our commitment to exploring all methods to achieve the best results for you includes experience practicing collaborative law, a cooperative, out-of-court approach to achieving a constructive and amicable resolution to family law issues.
  • Post-decree proceedings: Even after the divorce is finalized in the courts, there may be outstanding legal issues that require professional guidance to address. Whether you’re dealing with visitation denials, failures to pay alimony or child support, or changes in circumstances that affect custody or support payments, you can turn to us for assistance settling these issues through post-decree proceedings.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Planning ahead is always a wise choice. As family law attorneys offering a comprehensive array of legal services, we can help couples protect their rights and interests before marriage even begins by writing a contract known as a prenuptial agreement.
  • Postnuptial agreements: If you have ever regretted not getting a prenuptial agreement before getting married, a postnuptial agreement could be the answer. Our attorneys can help you create this contract in which two people who are already married express their wishes for division of assets, and potentially for other property interests or lifestyle aspects of the marriage, in the event of a divorce or death.

Our expansive experience in family law qualifies us to assist with all manner of domestic and matrimonial matters. It can be difficult to predict what path your family law proceedings will take, but knowing that your matrimonial lawyer in Bannockburn, IL, is prepared for anything allows you to approach this process with confidence.

Why Choose the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm?

At the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm, our team is known for our comprehensive experience spanning all areas of family law and our client-first approach to handling cases.

Extensive Family Law Experience

Families throughout Northeastern Illinois have trusted us to provide guidance, advice, and strategies for moving toward the resolution of domestic dispute matters for more than 25 years.

A Personalized Approach to Resolution

Just as every family has its own unique history and dynamics, every matter of family law has its own nuances. Your resolution may follow a different path than others, and your goals and priorities might be different, too.

Our focus is always to find the best outcomes and approaches for you and your family. For some clients, that means exploring all options for amicable settlements out of court and seeking cooperative solutions. For others, it might mean immediately beginning to prepare for litigation and, potentially, a contentious trial.

The Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm is known for both our proficiency as trial attorneys and our ability to come up with thoughtful and, at times, creative solutions to disputes through alternative resolution methods.

Contact a Bannockburn Family Law Attorney Today at the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm for an Initial Consultation

Whatever approach your family law case calls for, we’re ready to explore it. For help from an experienced family law attorney in Bannockburn, IL, contact the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm online or call us today.

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