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Prenuptial agreements can give couples peace of mind even before the marriage begins so that, whatever happens, they won’t end up in bitter litigation over property division disputes. A prenuptial agreement is more than a contract. It’s a form of protection that safeguards the assets with which you enter this marriage and establishes spouses’ rights and responsibilities in the event of a divorce or a death. To ensure your prenup aligns with your goals and unique circumstances and that it’s enforceable under Illinois law, you should consult an experienced Bannockburn prenuptial agreement lawyer.

The Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm can help you understand your options and put together a prenuptial agreement that’s customized to meet your needs. Contact us today for your initial consultation.

Prenuptial Agreements in Bannockburn, Illinois

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two individuals who are planning to marry that expresses their decisions regarding debts, assets, property, finances, and other matters. In Illinois, a prenup may take precedence over divorce laws as long as it is found to be valid.

A prenup contract, when correctly drafted by a knowledgeable Bannockburn prenuptial agreement lawyer, is viewed as a valid legal document not only in Illinois but throughout all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia.

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What Does a Prenuptial Agreement in Illinois Cover?

Most frequently, prenuptial agreements define rights to property and assets in order to settle financial matters in the event of death or divorce. However, in some cases, prenuptial agreements may also address numerous other matters.

Some of the outcomes a prenuptial agreement may cover include:

  • Defining responsibilities regarding spousal maintenance or precluding spousal maintenance
  • Keeping debts and property that were acquired prior to the marriage separate
  • Establishing guidelines to provide for a spouse’s children from a previous marriage

The contents of your prenuptial agreement are personalized to your unique circumstances, including your family dynamics and the property with which you enter the marriage. To tailor this legal document to fit your family’s situation, you need an experienced prenup attorney in Lake County, IL.

Divorce With and Without a Prenup in Illinois

In the dissolution of a marriage or civil union, whether or not you have a valid prenuptial agreement can strongly influence the course your divorce proceedings take.

When spouses divorce without a prenup in place, a number of disputes often arise. Two major disputes involve the division of property and any payment of maintenance, or alimony, from one spouse to the other. Resolving these disputes can turn into a lengthy and emotionally charged process.

Because Illinois is an equitable distribution state rather than an equal division state, deciding how to split property in a divorce isn’t as simple as dividing marital assets in half. Facts are gathered during the discovery stage. Financial information is analyzed. Property must be classified as marital or non-marital property. In some instances, it may be necessary to delineate which portions of savings accounts constitute marital property and which remain non-marital property.

Some divorcing spouses are able to resolve these disputes in relatively amicable manners through mediation or a collaborative divorce process. However, for others, contentious divorce litigation commences. A trial isn’t inevitable, but the longer the litigation process drags on before finally reaching a negotiated settlement or a court date, the more emotionally distressing it is for all parties.

A prenup thoughtfully and skillfully drafted by a seasoned Bannockburn prenuptial agreement lawyer could help you avoid this messy legal battle. The couple files for divorce, agrees to distribute the marital property as outlined in the prenup, and gets the agreement approved by the court and the divorce finalized. With a prenup in place, divorce is less time-consuming, less costly, and less stressful. Each spouse can move forward with their new chapter more quickly, with less of a financial burden, and without the added emotional turmoil that can arise in divorce disputes.

How the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm Can Help With Prenuptial Agreements

Although it’s possible for couples to write a prenuptial agreement on their own, it’s not a wise idea. A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that protects your assets. Any mistakes in creating this agreement may render it invalid, unenforceable, and unable to protect you as intended.

To ensure your prenup agreement is legally sound and will be upheld by the courts in the event of divorce or one spouse’s death, you and your spouse-to-be should each have your own separate lawyer review the agreement and advise you. Having an attorney help you with the prenuptial agreement from the beginning, outlining what decisions you need to make and what potential assets or responsibilities should be included in the agreement, is even more beneficial.

At the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm, our experienced divorce attorneys have assisted numerous couples by drafting, reviewing, and providing legal advice concerning prenuptial agreements. We ensure that your prenuptial agreement is tailored to suit your unique needs.

Our seasoned experience provides our clients peace of mind. The contract a Bannockburn prenuptial agreement lawyer at the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm writes for you is not only bona fide, explicit, and precise in subject matter and language but also serves your best interests.

Why Choose the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm?

Our firm’s extensive experience and personalized approach make us a clear choice for couples who are planning ahead by considering a prenup.


Having practiced family law in Northeastern Illinois for more than 25 years, the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm has handled countless divorce proceedings. We’ve assisted clients in the exact situation you’re seeking to avoid with a prenup, so we understand the nuances of prenuptial agreements and the importance of getting them right.

Personalized Approach

A prenuptial agreement isn’t some cookie-cutter template. It should be specially crafted to meet your individual needs and protect your priorities. A Bannockburn prenuptial agreement lawyer at the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm will take a personalized approach to writing your prenup contract.

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Getting a prenuptial agreement makes good sense when you want to protect your property and ensure you and your spouse-to-be will never have to go through a painful, bitter legal battle over property division.

For help from a prenup attorney in Lake County, IL, contact the Katz, Goldstein & Warren Law Firm online or call us today.

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