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Family Law

Whether you need help with divorce litigation, collaborative dispute resolution, child custody, or child support, we are your reliable partner for every step of the legal journey.


Child Support

Although the statutory guidelines provide a baseline for the calculation of child support, there are various factors which may result in a deviation from the guidelines.


Child Custody + Visitation

There are numerous potential custodial arrangements in parental planning, and finding what best serves the children's interests is always crucial in developing custody and visitation agreements.


Civil Unions

Illinois passed legislation to recognize civil unions and allow same-sex couples to have the same state level rights as heterosexual marriages in dissolution proceedings.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law, also referred to as collaborative divorce and collaborative practice, offers a cooperative approach to divorce and other domestic issues outside of the courts.



While alternative dispute resolution may adequately resolve certain matrimonial and domestic issues, there are particular circumstances in which strong litigation serves the best interests of a client.



When appropriate, mediation is often time-saving and resolves domestic disputes in an amicable fashion with less expense than traditional litigation.


Settlement Negotiations

The vast majority of divorce cases resolve through negotiated settlement. A comparatively small percentage of cases actually go to trial.


Maintenance + Alimony

Maintenance (formerly called alimony) is a support payment made from one spouse to the other pursuant to a divorce or legal separation.


Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between a couple planning marriage that expresses their decisions regarding debts, assets, property, finances and other matters pre-marriage.


Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements can account for future events and property interests that may emerge between the parties.


Post-Decree Proceedings

After a marriage dissolution or divorce has been finalized, sometimes issues arise that still require legal action. These legal actions are referred to as post-decree proceedings.


Property Division

In Illinois, property division is not automatically calculated equally between the parties. Illinois law allows the Court to take into consideration various criteria in order to equitably divide the property.


Business Valuation

When a business or professional practice is owned by one or more spouses, it is often necessary to get an accurate practice business valuation in order to determine an appropriate division of property.


Discovery + Financial Analysis

An aspect of pre-trial litigation involves discovery and financial analysis, which is the process of obtaining information and documents in order to discover facts relevant to a case.


Retirement Plans + Benefits

Retirement accounts, retirement plans and other retirement benefits are often times governed by complex regulations and laws which must be understood and carefully considered during the divorce process.